Catholic Faith Formation for Youth (PSR)

REGISTRATION for PSR Season 2023-2024 is now open.

To raise a child in the Catholic faith is a responsibility a parent accepted at their child's Baptism.  As a parish community we are committed to assist parents in their role as the primary educators.  We are pleased to provide a PSR program (Parish School of Religion) for children in public school grades 1 - 8.   Four PSR sessions are held each month:  Two In-Person sessions are held in our School from 9:00am - 10:15am, AND, two sessions are held AT Home at a convenient time monthly for each family.  Parents are to see that their child/ren complete the assignments for both In-Person and At-Home sessions. 

Parents can register their children, make payments, and download the 2023-24 PSR Calendar from our parish webpage.

Parents (or an authorized adult) are to see that their child/ren arrive at their classroom safely and on-time.  Children will be dismissed to a parent (or authorized adult) from the classroom.   

We expect families to worship with the community at a weekend Mass as an essential part of one's faith development and parish participation.  We expect your attendance as our God expects it:  "Keep Holy the Lord's Day".  God blesses the faithful who worship with the community and keep to the covenant made at Baptism.