Liturgical Minister Schedules


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              All Liturgical Ministers September thru December 2020


A number of ministers have not returned due to the pandemic.  Altar Servers and Greeters have been suspended until further notice.  Thank you to our Ushers, Readers, and Eucharistic Ministers for your ongoing service at this time.  For future scheduling, it would be beneficial if ministers formed teams: a team of 4 Ushers, and, a team of 3 Eucharistic Ministers for each Mass.  You could be scheduled together one weekend each month.  In December we will need some ministers to volunteer.  Masses for Christmas Eve and Day are still pending.   Thank you!  We appreciate your assistance.

Prayer for Liturgical Ministers
Lord, in your light, we see light. We thank you for calling us to serve your holy people. Shine in our hearts and minds, our words and actions. Help us to be your light in the world. Grant this through the One who is light from light: Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.
St. Martin of Tours, Pray for us.