The Sacrament of Baptism is a person's initiation into the Christian way of life.  It is a celebration for our Church as well as for your family.  

PRE-BAPTISMAL CLASS - Information is given on the meaning of Baptism, the responsibilities of Christian parents, the qualifications for godparents, and an overview of the ritual.  The class is required for first-time parents, and they can attend a class held at any Catholic parish.  

GODPARENT(S) - Please read carefully the minimum qualifications below and be sure the person you choose meets them.  Parents may select two qualified Catholics (a male and a female), however only one qualified Catholic is required. 
A godparent must: 
- be at least 16 years of age
- be fully-initiated (i.e. received all three Sacraments: Baptism, Communion, and Confirmation)
- be a Catholic who attends Mass regularly, believes the teachings of Christ and the Church, and lives accordingly
- if married, be married by a Catholic priest/deacon, not just a civil marriage
- submit a Sponsor Certificate from their pastor, including St. Martin Parishioners, indicating they fulfill the above qualifications
N.B. A person may be a good, wonderful person; however a Catholic never fully-initiated, in a marriage not recognized by the Church; cohabitates as if married; or left the Catholic Church may not serve at this time as a godparent.

Non-Catholic Witness - A baptized, non-Catholic may serve as a Christian Witness along with a Catholic godparent.  A Witness is not Catholic, but is an adult baptized (not merely dedicated) in another Christian tradition other than Catholic.  A Witness is not considered a second godparent but can be noted in the record as a witness to the baptism.

SCHEDULING - A Baptism will be tentatively scheduled until the required Sponsor Certificate(s) are received.  Baptisms are celebrated during or after a Mass on Sundays (except in Advent and Lent).  For more information on Baptisms please complete the form below.  A staff person will contact you.   

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