Your Invitation

Hello, welcome!

Your click on our parish website is like a knock at our door.  The people of St. Martin of Tours Catholic Community are here to welcome you!

Whether you are single or married, young or elderly, a long time resident or new to Valley City, a person of deep faith or no faith - we invite you to come in and look around.  Even more we invite you to stop in and visit us in person.  You are most welcome.  We have nothing to sell but a lot to share: a journey of faith in God, hope in Jesus' promises, a Spirit of love for one another, the joy of the Good News, and the long-held traditions of the Church. 

If you are already Catholic, you will find on our website a number of ministries available in our parish.  If you are returning to the Catholic Church after some time, we invite you to share your journey with us.  We are available to listen.  If you are of another faith tradition and have a desire to become Catholic, or of no faith but want to know God and His love, then we invite you to find a home with us.  

The door is open.  Come on in!  If you wish a member of our staff to reach out to you or a loved one, please click above on "Contact Us"  so we can respond.   

Sincerely in Christ,

     Fr. Dan Reed