Holy Week at St. Martin Parish

Dear Parishioners and Friends,
Many of you have told me how much you miss attending Mass.  I miss seeing you all.  And, even more, I'm sad that we cannot celebrate together the greatest events of our faith in Jesus Christ: the Paschal Mystery of his saving death and resurrection.  Let us be together in prayer this week united by the Holy Spirit.  Let us offer this sacrifice for the many who are suffering due to this terrible pandemic.  Let us not forget that God does not abandon us for through every cross comes new life.

This Sunday, April 5, is Palm Sunday.  In a private Mass I will recall Christ's Entrance into Jerusalem and bless palm branches.  Due to the stay-at-home order and for your safety, Blessed Palms will be available in the OUTDOOR PAVILION at the following times and days:
                                                                    Monday - April 6 - 9:00-11:00am AND 5:00-7:00pm
                                                                    Tuesday - April 7 - 9:00-11:00am AND 5:00-7:00pm
                                                                    Wednesday - April 8 - 9:00-11:00am AND 5:00-7:00pm

     The Triduum of Holy Thursday, Good Friday, and Easter will be
     celebrated privately this year.  The Diocese of Cleveland will 'live
     stream' these events on their website.  You can check their Holy
     Week Schedule at:

                                                            Prayers for a holy week, Fr. Dan

Daily Mass

Act of Spiritual Communion

    My Jesus, I believe that You
    are in the Blessed Sacrament. 

    I love You above all things,
    and I long for You in my soul.  

    Since I cannot now receive You
come at least
    spiritually into my heart. 

    As though You have already come,
    I embrace You and unite myself entirely to You;
    never permit me to be separated from You.  Amen.

PSR 2019-2020 ENDED

With the extension of school closures until May 1st in Ohio, and, with the extended suspension of public Masses and Liturgies through May 3rd, our Monday PSR Sessions and Sacramental Preparation Sessions are concluded for this year. 

The scheduled Confirmation Mass (April 25) has been rescheduled.  If public Masses have resumed, Abbot Gary Hoover, OSB, will be here on Wednesday, July 1, 2020 at 7:00pm to celebrate Confirmation for our prepared candidates.  Please inform your sponsors of this potential date.   The scheduled First Communion Mass (May 2) will be rescheduled once public Masses have resumed.   

Please continue to make your home a Domestic Church with your family: read, study, pray, reflect, and talk with your children about God's care at this time.  Pray for those who are ill and all who suffer from this pandemic.  Be safe and well.

Spiritual Practices at Home

SPIRITUAL PRACTICES:  During this COVID-19 Pandemic we have our faith that God will bring us through this health emergency that faces the world.  Here are some spiritual practices for yourself or with your family at this time or any time:

1) Keep holy the Lord's Day - watch a Mass on TV or live streaming on your tech device.
2) Check our website below for the Daily and Sunday Scripture Readings.  Read them alone or with family.
3) Gather and pray the Rosary with family asking our Blessed Mother to pray for us. (or another devotional)
4) Check on family members and neighbors, especially the elderly.
5) Send us your prayer requests via our website.
6) And from one of our parishioners:  Slowly pray the Hail Mary as you wash your hands; it's 20 seconds.

Palm Sunday Message

Stay Informed with Flocknote Texts


flocknote is a texting service to keep our parishioners and friends Up-to-Date.  We can send a text to your cell phone to remind you of things that are upcoming, a change or cancellation of an event, an urgent message, or a notice that didn't make it in our weekly bulletin or this website.  The only fees to join flocknote are the fees your cell phone provider/plan charges for text messages.

To Join flocknote:  On your cell phone send a text to 84576 with the capital letters VCSTMS in the body of the text.  You will be prompted to join our parish flocknote service.  If you are unfamiliar with a TTJ process (Text To Join), then contact Terri Yohman for assistance at our parish office (330-483-3808 or email her at [email protected]).

Over 300 people are using this service in our parish and it has been very effective in keeping people informed.  Stay up-to-date with the St. Martin FLOCK with flocknote.

Stations of the Cross

The Holy Rosary

Individual Confessions

During the current health emergency the Sacrament of Penance (Confession) is available by making an appointment with a priest at a local parish.  To prevent large groups from gathering, scheduled confession times or Penance Services have been suspended.  Fr. Dan is available by calling 330-483-3808 ext. 235 for an appointment.  Thank you.




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Office Hours - Closed

Regular Office Hours are suspended until May 4

Call or email us for additions to the weekly Parish Bulletin. We still want to hear from you. Thanks.

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Sunday Offering

Thank you, Parishioners, who continue to support your parish in these unsettling times.  Many are struggling to make ends meet, but if you can assist thank you.  You can mail your weekly Offering to the parish office.  Mail is received daily; do not mail cash.  You can also sign up at WeShare Online Giving (at the left) or call them for assistance.  WeShare Support Teams are available at 800-950-9952 (then press #3 and then press #2) to get you connected, or, by email at: [email protected] (that is @4 LPi.com).  Without your Offering parish funds will evaporate quickly but bills, like the mortgage and utilities, will continue.  God bless you for what you are able to do.

Adult Faith Enrichment

The Book of Psalms: the School of Prayer - 11 Sessions
The Holy Spirit inspired them. Israel sang them. Christ himself prayed them, as did our Blessed Mother.

The Bible Timeline - 24 Sessions
This study program takes you on a guided journey through salvation history. It shows how 14 of the 73 books of the Bible tell the narrative story giving you the keys to understanding the amazing story of God's plan of salvation woven throughout Scripture.  

Both Bible Studies are not meeting.  Fortunately the participants can study and view presentations at home during this health emergency.  Sessions will resume at the parish asap.

Holy Land Pilgrimage - Register Here

Holy Land Itinerary and REGISTRATION
Register above and call me for more information.  This is my seventh or eighth time leading a prayerful pilgrimage to the only place on earth where Jesus walked.  COME and SEE what you have only heard and read - THE BIBLE.  You will not be able to read the Bible in the same way!  For a more personal and relaxing experience I limit the group to 15-20 pilgrims.
Pilgrimage Dates: January 20-29, 2021
$2,895 + an est. $450 in airline surcharges

The Catholic Faith. On Demand.

Know what Christ has revealed and the Catholic Church has faithfully taught.

Formed.org offers hundreds of movies, video programs, audios and ebooks.  These opportunities are FREE and available 24/7 online or on your mobile app.  They have helped people (Catholics and non-Catholics) to know Christ and His Church better.  Register HERE:  https://stmartinvc.formed.org  Just enter our parish name and your email.  It's easy!  God bless.

St. Corona, Martyr

Yes, Friends - there is a St. Corona among the Saints in the Halls of Heaven.  She was martyred for her faith in Christ around the year A.D. 179 by the Emperor Sebastian.  She was the wife of a Roman soldier and a Christian in secret.  However, it was while a fellow Christian, St. Victor, was being lashed to death that she ran to his aid and publicly professed her long-standing faith in Jesus.  He was eventually beheaded.  Corona was brought before Sebastian, imprisoned, tortured, and eventually tied between two palm trees.  You can read her story at:  https://aleteia.org/

She was buried along with St. Victor in Anzu, northern Italy.  Their feast is celebrated on May 14th.  Centuries before the Church declared a person a 'saint' they were considered faithful, holy people.  People would go to their tomb to pray for their intercession.  St. Corona is one of the patrons of, yep you guessed it - pandemics!  May she pray for us.

Origin of Quarantine

Did you know?
The word often heard these days comes from the Italian words: quaranta giorni that means 'forty days'.  In the mid-1300s in Europe ships and people were contained for 30 days in a restricted place to prevent the spread of the plague.   Then, according to Wikipedia, "In 1448 the Venetian Senate prolonged the waiting period to 40 days, thus giving birth to the term 'quarantine'. The forty-day quarantine proved to be an effective formula for handling outbreaks of the plague. According to current estimates, the bubonic plague had a 37-day period from infection to death; therefore, the European quarantines would have been highly successful in determining the health of crews from potential trading and supply ships.   Read more at: https://en.wikipedia.org/

St. Martin of Tours Parish

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