St. Martin of Tours Parish - Valley City, OH

A Catholic Parish since 1840 in the Cleveland Diocese

Mass Times

Saturday - 5:00 pm
Sunday - 8:00 am and 10:30 am

Monday - 5:00 pm (exc. holidays)
Wednesday & Fridays - 8:30 am

Saturday 4:00-4:45 pm or by appointment

Holy Days - 7:00 am & 7:00 pm
Federal Holidays - 9:00 am

Office Hours

For Essential Business
(please wear a mask or face covering)

Monday - Wednesday 9am - 4pm
Thursday and Friday 9am - 2pm

A Neighbor or relative without internet? Call or email with their home address for a bulletin to be mailed.

Meals for the Homeless

From June 14 - 20 our parish is asked to provide a meal for someone in Operation HOMES.  During the pandemic a number of homeless people have been staying in local motels instead of churches.  The churches were asked to provide the meals only.  Thanks.

If you can assist this week, please Sign Up by clicking here: Operation Homes Meal

We will return to housing people at the parish in August, if we have volunteers from the parish willing to continue this outreach ministry.   




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Ohio Bishops reinstate Obligatory Mass Attendance

Obligatory Mass attendance on Sundays (including Saturday Vigil) and Holy Days of Obligation is to begin again the weekend of JUNE 5/6, 2021, the Solemn Feast of the Body and Blood of Christ.

To read the letter from the Bishops, CLICK:  Obligatory Mass Attendance for Ohio Catholics

The reasons for lifting the dispensation at this time as well as reasonable exceptions to the obligation are given in the letter.

Thank you for your cooperation at St. Martin of Tours as we patiently comply with State and Church safety regulations until June 5/6.  Pray for all who have worked and prayed for this day.

Instructions for Mass Attendance

With the reinstating of obligatory Mass attendance by the Ohio Bishops for Catholics, many of the Covid-19 safety precautions have been withdrawn.  Do not assume the virus has disappeared.  We still encourage caution for the sake of those who have yet to be vaccinated, including children.  

The following restrictions will remain in place at St. Martin until further notice:

  • Holy Water will be available at all entry ways upon arrival and departure.  However, the baptismal font will remain empty.
  • The deacon or priest will invite congregants to exchange a sign of peace.  However, the shaking of hands is limited to members of your own household.  A simple nod of the head is sufficient for those outside your household.
  • Due to the manner in which the Offertory Collection is taken up here (passing a basket hand-to-hand), the Offertory Collection will continue with baskets located near the doors.  Please deposit your offering in upon arrival or departure. 
  • The distribution of Holy Communion with a cup will not return until the bishop permits.

Finally, please remember that the dispensation from Mass attendance continues: if you are sick for any reason, or you provide health care to a person who is sick at home, or you are concerned or fearful about being in a pew with others for worship - there is no obligation. Please keep holy the Lord's Day via TV or social media until you are free to congregate with us again.

Catholic Family Formation (PSR for 2020-2021)

Families that registered in September 2020 and began Sacramental Preparation for Confession, Communion, or Confirmation - please note the following:

CONFIRMATION - Candidates for this Sacrament to be celebrated on Sunday, September 26, 2021 are to attend ONE of the following scheduled meetings in the School (Education Bldg.): 
Saturday, May 22 at 12pm Noon or 6:00pm (after 5pm Mass)
Sunday, May 23 at 9:00am or 11:30am (after 8:00 or 10:30 Mass)

FIRST CONFESSION - Prepared children can celebrate this Sacrament any Saturday from 4:00 - 4:45 pm in the church Reconciliation Room, or by calling to make a convenient appointment with the priest.  Please do so by June 20, 2021, Father's Day.

FIRST COMMUNION - Parents of children preparing for this Sacrament are to attend ONE First Communion Meeting after any Mass on the weekend of June 5/6.  Packets of material, necessary requirements, and the opportunity for questions will be provided.

REGISTRATION for the 2021-22 religious education program will begin in August in the hope of returning to in-person sessions in our parish school.

The Catholic Faith. On Demand.

Know what Christ has revealed and the Catholic Church has faithfully taught. offers hundreds of movies, video programs, audios and ebooks.  These opportunities are FREE and available 24/7 online or on your mobile app.  They have helped people (Catholics and non-Catholics) to know Christ and His Church better.  Register HERE:  Just enter our parish name and your email.  It's easy!  God bless.

Support Groups

Grief Share Support
Mondays - 2:00pm - Parish Meeting Rooms
Grief Share is an opportunity for mutual support for anyone experiencing a significant change or loss in their life.  It includes a series of DVD presentation; each of which stands on its own.  Led by staff member Colene Conley. 

Recovery in the Valley
Fridays - 7:00pm - Parish Hall
A Twelve-Step Program

Single Parenting Support
Wednesdays - 5:00pm - Parish Meeting Rooms
Begins March 10th and provides presentations on various themes for single parents.  Conversation on shared experiences with helpful information and a staff facilitor, Colene Conley.  All are welcome.

Men's Prayer Fellowship
1st and 3rd Saturday - 8:00-9:00am - Parish Meeting Rooms
An opportunity for spiritual input, reflection on the readings, and intercessory prayer.  All are welcome.  See Bill Dolata for more information.

Women's Fellowship (A NEW GROUP)
1st and 3rd Saturday - 8:00-9:00am - Parish School
A new opportunity, like the Men's Group above, this is a gathering of women from the parish or elsewhere.  All are welcome to join together for spiritual input, reflection and prayer.  See Judy Rundle for more information.  Location may change.  

Cemetery Decorations

The grass mowing season began March 31st.  Please read our updated policy regarding grave decorations at the header above "Funeral and Burial Planner" or on the signs in the cemetery.  You will also find information on lots and headstones.  Thank you for keeping our cemetery safe for all who visitors and employees.

WeShare Online Giving

CLICK the Icon to DONATE

For your Sunday Offertory tithe and other Giving Opportunities

Thank You for supporting the ministries of St. Martin Parish.

Sunday Offering

Thank you, Parishioners, who continue to support your parish in these unsettling times.  Many are struggling to make ends meet, but if you can assist thank you.  You can mail your weekly Offering to the parish office.  Mail is received daily; do not mail cash.  You can also sign up at WeShare Online Giving (above) or call them for assistance.  WeShare Support Teams are available at 800-950-9952 (then press #3 and then press #2) to get you connected, or, by email at: [email protected] (that is @4  God bless you for what you are able to do.

Catholic Charities Annual Appeal
Also, our thanks to many of you who responded to the 2021 Catholic Charities Appeal.  Your pledges and donations on February 21st assist people throughout our 8-county Diocese.  Donations are still accepted online at Catholic Charities since there will not be a second in-pew pledge drive this May.

Stay Informed with Flocknote Texts


flocknote is a texting service to keep our parishioners and friends Up-to-Date.  We can send a text to your cell phone to remind you of things that are upcoming, a change or cancellation of an event, an urgent message, or a notice that didn't make it in our weekly bulletin or this website.  The only fees to join flocknote are the fees your cell phone provider/plan may charge for text messages.
                      CLICK HERE TO GET FLOCKNOTE
More people enrolled due to the pandemic.  flocknote has been an effective way to keep you informed.  

Catholic Mass on Mass Media

Livestream: at Diocese of Cleveland Mass from St. John Cathedral at 8:00 AM Sundays and Noon M-F.
Television: with Cox Communications cable on Channel 45 at 11:30 AM Sundays; without cable on WUAB Channel 43 at 10:00 AM Sundays.
Radio: at AM 1260 The Rock at 4 p.m. Saturdays and 10:30 a.m. Sundays. 

Spiritual Communion
    My Jesus, I believe that You
    are in the Blessed Sacrament. 

    I love You above all things,
    and I long for You in my soul.  

    Since I cannot now receive You
come at least
    spiritually into my heart. 

    As though You have already come,
    I embrace You
    and unite myself entirely to You;

    never permit me to be separated from You.  Amen.

Masses When Traveling

Traveling out of town or looking for information on neighboring parishes, check out or Click HERE for schedules by States and Cities.

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