The Merry Martins are parishioners of all ages who sponsor events throughout the year that are spiritual and social.  All parishioners ae welcome.  Activities such as: Journey to Bethlehem in Walnut Creek, the Ark Encounter in KY, Amish Country, ethnic dinners, miniature railroad train rides, pot luck dinners with guest speakers, dances, Advent and Christmas gatherings, hiking and biking, wine and cheese tasting, and exercise classes.  Merry Martins also go abroad on spiritual pilgrimage.  In 2017 and 2018 we have traveled to Italy and Rome, and most recently the Holy Land, 



The Amazing Grays are parishioners and friends who are available for both day and evening events.  Spiritual trips are highlighted with every trip or luncheon.  Some of the various trips have been:  Year of Faith Pilgrimage of area churches, Statue Museums, Flight 93 Museum, Bird in Hand Pennsylvania.  Christmas visits to area churches and luncheons with guest speakers addressing various religious issues.  A trip to Presque Isle and the Cathedral of Erie.  We welcome attendance from our Cluster Parish members as well.


Information on future activities and Spiritual Trips, please contact our Family Life Minister, Colene Conley, at the parish office 330-483-3808 or via her email at Contact Us   Click on "Events" in the header for and activities currently scheduled.