Offertory Envelopes

Thank you for your support to your parish community.  Your monetary Mass Offering maintains the ministries of the parish.  

Boxes of Church Envelopes are provided to parishioners annually.  We place an order for all registered households in the fall unless the donor prefers to use our WeShare Online Giving program, donates with a personal check, or has not used envelopes for over two years.

Boxes of Church Envelopes arrive in December for the upcoming year.  They are placed alphabetically in the church Gathering Area for easy retrieval. 

Although a tithe of 5% of one's annual income is suggested, every household has differing needs.  What is placed in the envelope each Sunday is between the donor and God.  That the envelope is in the collection indicates you worship God regularly with our parish community. 

Thank you for your gift to God and to this Catholic community..