Offertory Envelopes

Beginning January 1, 2020 registered and contributing parishioners will no longer receive their Offertory Envelopes through the mail.  A single box of envelopes has been order for those who have contributed consistently over the past two years.  Envelopes for all Sundays, Holydays, 2nd Collections, Building Fund, Cemetery Fund, Flowers, and St. Anthony Bread are in ONE BOX per household or individual.  

Boxes of Envelopes can be picked up in the Gathering Area of the church beginning mid-December through mid-January.  Any remaining boxes can be picked up in the parish office during regular business hours through May, 2020.  Any remaining envelopes after that time will be discarded.

Parishioners who do not use Offertory Envelopes can support the parish community and ministries via WeShare Online Giving (see the Home Page), via a personal check, or via Direct Deposit from your Bank.  These methods verify that you are a member of the parish and may qualify for any IRS tax-deduction allowable by law.