The Mission of the Parishioners

We, the parishioners of St. Martin of Tours, are a Roman Catholic parish of the Diocese of Cleveland, founded in 1840 in Valley City, Ohio. 

We are a people of faith, courage, and love.  We are gifted people diverse in skills and strength, united through the power of the Holy Spirit and charged to proclaim the message of Christ. 

As people of faith we are charged:

  • To love one another, share in our abundance, and welcome all into our midst as we provide both spiritual and material food to the hungry
  • To encourage, practice, and uphold the values encompassed in family and community life, respecting life in all its stages, recognizing the dignity of each person as a unique gift of God
  • To educate and develop our youth and adult brothers and sisters in Christ in the tradition, doctrine, and values of the Catholic Church through faith, actions, and words
  • To come together as children of God through social activities and other gatherings
  • To uphold the Magisterium of the Catholic Church