Sozo is a Greek verb.  To sozo is to save, protect, or deliver someone from danger or evil in order to preserve wellness and wholeness. 


SOZO is here at St. Martin Parish to build and develop our High School faith community.  Through evangelization and the power of the Holy Spirit we use faith-based activities to guide our High School students into a deeper relationship with Jesus, family, friends and the surrounding community.  It is Jesus who invites us to experience 'sozo' through Him, with Him, and in Him for the glory of God the Father.  We strive to empower our youth with a greater awareness of their unique gifts and identity.  As members of the kingdom of God today, we recognize and affirm our youth as strong, confident disciples of Christ in the Catholic community.




Buckeye High School FCA - Buckeye Local Schools offer a Fellowship of Christian Athlete,s.  The fellowship meets at the High School on Thursday mornings after 6:30 AM and before classes begin.  It is open to all students not only those involved in sports.  Our youth minister, Mrs. Terri Yohman along with other adults, facilitates the group.  Fellowship consists of a inspirational lesson, discussion, and prayer.  It is a great opportunity to meet fellow Christians and start the day off on a good note.
For more information on SOZO and other upcoming events, please call or email Mrs. Terri Yohman, at 330-483-3808